Friday, April 6, 2007

End of March...1st Quarter Donations, 2007

First Quarter Donations:
We are off to a great start for this year. I'm happy to report that the NW KnitWits have donated to local charities:

January...105 items
February...94 items
March..... 140 items

Thank you know who you are...for the donations of yarn that appear just about every week!


April 4th, 2007
A KnitWit member, Dorothy Rowe, is also a "Quilter Extraordinaire". A very nice article was in "The Press" (a local weekly paper) about her accomplishments.


March 24th: Mount Bethel, PA. Craft Show
It was decided that any member attending a craft show as a vendor could take some select items to display for purchase. A newsletter was created telling of the work that the NW KnitWits do...
This was our first fundraiser of the year and will end up with the Hope Christmas Craft Market in December.

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