Thursday, February 15, 2007

The End of 2006...

It's official... The total of items donated for 2006 is 1195 items!!

We'd also like to publicly "blog" a BIG "Thank you" to:
1) The North Warren News for running a weekly item about our KnitWits group in the Community News section.
We also thank this local paper for printing the picture of our group on Clean-Up Day
(see 11/16 blogpost).
2) Doc South of radio station WRNJ-1510 in Hackettstown. Thank you for having 2 members of our group on your show for an interview in April of 2006. And a special big thank you for keeping the KnitWits name in announcements during the year.
As a KnitWit member, I believe both of the above greatly helped in spreading the word about what we do as a group. For the last 2 months of the year we received many donations, both from private individuals and from other area civic groups and organizations.
As of January, 2007, the KnitWits membership is at 42 registered RSVPmembers--with 15 members of the total working at home.

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