Thursday, November 16, 2006

To who and what items we donate...

Do you know that the KnitWits have been handcrafting and donating needed items for over 10 years??
Do you know that we receive no grants or funding to buy new yarn??

We rely on donated yarn or your gift to the KnitWits in order to enable us to buy new yarn for our volunteer crocheters and knitters.

For the year 2005, we donated over 1200 items consisting of afghans, lapghans, shawls, hats,
scarves, mittens, baby sweaters/hats/booties/blankets to:

  • Warren County Nursing homes and Adult Centers
  • Warren Hospital; Pocono Medical Center; Veterans
  • Head Start; First Start; Early Head Start; Haven of Hope for Kids
  • NORWESCAP; DARCC; Birth Haven
  • The Visiting Nurse; The Visiting Homemaker
  • St. Jude's and other church organizations; the Food Pantry
  • Homeless shelters; Hats for the Homeless
  • First Aid/Rescue/Ambulance squads; Police; Fire Departments
  • any other groups/charities/organizations requesting our service...

For the year 2006 and through the end of September, we have already donated approximately 700 items. We are now approaching our busiest time of year. Total items donated will be updated on this blog at the end of the year.

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