Thursday, March 10, 2016

March 10, 2016

Wow! It's been a while since the last post. Lots of things have happened.

We are no longer meeting at the Blairstown Community Center and haven't been
for quite a while. 
When the BCCenter on East Avenue was demolished we lost our weekly "home" 
for quite a few months.

The Catherine Dickson Library on Lambert Road in Blairstown came to our 
We have been meeting at the library every Tuesday from 9:30am to 12noon and enjoy
the staff's company and hospitality.  Here's to a long relationship!


Denise Lange said...

Hello North Warren KnitWits! I wanted to say a heartfelt "Thank You" to your group for the crocheted lap blanket that my mother-in-law received at Karen Ann Quinlan Home for Hospice in Fredon, NJ It was mint green and taupe in color. It was very beautiful and the little note attached to it was comforting as well. We used the lap blanket most of the 12 days she was there. Thank you for adding that extra comforting touch to a very special place.
Denise Lange for The Lange Family

Anonymous said...

How very nice of you to take the time to write! It's comments like yours that make what we do SO worthwhile! Anne (for all the NWKnitWits).

Denise Lange said...

I am glad I was able to reach the NW KnitWits! Thank you for sharing our message of thanks with your great group! Denise